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The Wine Cellar 

The Wine Cellar was a collaborative effort sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to create Anthologies regarding Precious Blood Spirituality. 

To access a specific article click on the edition and go to the Table of Contents - There are links to each of the articles in that edition. 

Intimacy - February 1994 

From the Wine Cellar - Companions of the Soul - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 


Outside the Gates - Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. 

Community As Our First Apostolate - Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. 

Rituals - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 

Maria De Mattias: Mystical Intimacy In Community - Angelita Myerscough, ASC 

Common Origins In the Charism of Francis Albertini - John Colacino, C.PP.S. 

Eucharist - February 1995

From the Wine Cellar - A Table By The Window, Please - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S

Eucharist - Martha Wickham, ASC 


A New Commandment - Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S. 

Body and Blood As Blasphemy - Gregory Comella, C.PP.S. 

Credo - Geraldine Hotze, ASC 

The Lament of the Grape - Madeleine Kisner, ASC 

Eucharist As A Way of Life - Mary Pierre Ellerbracht, C.PP.S. 

Communion From The Cup - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Missionary - October 1995 

From the Wine Cellar - Checking our Pulse - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 


The Missionary Heart - Regina Siegfried, ASC 

Servant Leadership - Anton Loipfinger, C.PP.S.. 

A Missionary Discovering Mission - Dorothy Schmitmeyer, C.PP.S. 

La Paz: March 22, 1995 - Marcia Kruse, ASC 

The Magdalene of Ruben's Coup-De-Lance - Terry Newkirk

Shaping the Heart of the Missionary - Tom Hemm, C.PP.S. 

Genesis Prayer - Linda Anne Ranard, ASC 

Mission Musings - Mary Schoenecker, ASC 

Echoes of A Living God - Mary Kevin Rooney, ASC 

Covenant - February 1996

From the Wine Cellar  - God Shows No Partiality - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 


Covenant: Making Connections - Robert Schreiter, C.PP..S. 

Covenanting: One Woman's Perspective - Toni Longo, A.S.C. 

Renewing the Covenant: A Parish Mission - Province of the Pacific 

The Test: A Reflection - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Hope: A Poem - Benita Volk, C.PP.S. 

The Service of Animation - Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. 

With New Eyes: Hope for Religious Life - Audree Fries, C.PP.S. 

On the Margins of Hope - Jerry Stack, C.PP.S. 

Peace - June 1996

From the Wine Cellar - The Practice of Peace - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S 


A Poetics of Peace 

Target Practice 

Dance of the Nonviolent God 

Reflection: Transformation 

Peace, My Gift to You 

The Search for Peace in the Blood of Bosnia 

Precious Blood Peacemakers and Justice Seekers

Compassion - October 1996 

From the Wine Cellar: Coming to Our Senses - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 


Compassion: Foundations For Ministry - Thomas Welk, C.PP.S. 

Stories, Reflections, and Prayers - Paula Gero, C.PP.S. 

Lured Into Compassion - James Franck, C.PP.S. 

Sacraments in Red - Benita Volk, C.PP.S. 

Honoring The Heart: Standing In Our Wounds Together - Maureen Lahiff, Companion 

Compassion Masks Many Faces - Madeleine Kisner, ASC 

Compassion: A Profile of Presence - Angela Marie Houska, ASC 

A Biblical Understanding of Compassion - Patrick Sena, C.PP.S. 

Prayer - February 1997

From the Wine Cellar: Shaping A Cup of Prayer - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S


The Ragged Edges Of Prayer - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Weaving Prayer and Life - Anita Fearday, ASC 

Parable of the Three Weavers - Anita Fearday, ASC 

As You Tilled The Fields of My Heart - Sylvia Chacon, ASC 

Hail Mary - Joyce Lehman, C.PP.S. 

Life Connections - Judy Niday, C.PP.S. 

Corporate Precious Blood Prayer - Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. 

On Precious Blood Prayer - Maria De Mattias and Gaspar del Bufalo 

Pilgrim Weaver - Anita Fearday, ASC 

Priestly People - February 1998 

From the Wine Cellar: On Being Priestly People - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 


Discovering the Archetypal Priests - Richard Rohr, OFM 

Surrender - Pauline Grady, C.PP.S. 

Praying For Women In the Church - Jeanette Kolberg, Companion 

Responding To The Faces of AIDS - Thomas Welk, C.PP.S. 

For Spiritual Healing - Saint Gaspar del Bufalo 

Priestly People - Gerri Downs, Companion 

Desert Canyon - Benita Volk, C.PP.S. 

The Movement of Parish Life - James Urbanic, C.PP.S. 

Word - June 1998

From the Wine Cellar - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S.


Words Of Reconciliation and Forgiveness - Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. 

Once Upon A Time There Was A Word - Toni Longo, ASC 

Of The Possibilities Of Preaching and Poets - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 

Reflection #217 - Terry Maher, C.PP.S. 

Saved By The Word - Benita Volk, C.PP.S. 

His Word Is Power - Madeleine Kisner, ASC 

Proclaiming The Word In Our Culture - Pauline Grady, ASC 

Preparing The Word - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Jubilee - January 2001 

From The Wine Cellar: Seeking A Few Clues - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Seeds of Hope, Signs of Life - Terry Walter, C.PP.S. 

Precious Blood Needs To Flow - Gerald Dreiling, C.PP..S. 

Precious Blood Sisters Call For Debt Cancellation - Rosemary Russell, C.PP.S. 

To A Dancing Deity: Listen to the Pulse of the Blood - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

No One - Eileen Haugh, OSF 

Answering The Call - Michael Hustad 

Directives For Reconcilers - Pauline Grady, ASC 

Go Fly A Kite: A Jubilee Ritual 

Death Penalty - Summer 2001 

From the Wine Cellar: Standing Near The Cross - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S.

A Spirituality of the Precious Blood and the Death Penalty - Dave Kelly, C.PP.S. 

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Abolishing the Death Penalty - Alice Gerdeman, CPS 

Making A Statement 

Death Penalty: A Personal Matter For Everyone - Stephanie Mertens, ASC

Seizing the Moment: The Ministry of Reconciliation - Ruth Kertz, C.PP.S. and Esther Hogan, C.PP.S. 

Bearing Witness: Taking An Active Stance Against the Death Penalty - Therese Wetta, ASC

Mutuality in Ministry - Fall 2002 

Wine Openers: Trying to Understand - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

A Journey In Mutuality - Christine Schenk, CSJ 

Phoenix - Christine Schenk, CSJ 

Mutuality In Ministry - Meg Kopish, ASC 

Naming God: Do You Mind? - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Mutual Planning For Liturgies and Prayer Services - Donna Liette, C.PP.S., and Denny Kinderman, C.PP.S. 

Dreaming Of Mutuality - Mary Whited, C.PP.S. 

Forming a Spirit of Mutuality - Daryl Charron, C.PP.S. 

Life Blood - Spring 2003

Wine Openers: Ancient Rhythms of the Blood - Joyce Lehman, C.PP.S. 

Life Is In The Blood - Dianne Bergant, CSA 

One MIdwife Speaks Out - Diana Rawlings, ASC 

A Call To Arms: The Ministry of Hospitality - Janis Yaekel, ASC, and Anastasia Rubennacker, ASC 

Precious Blood, Precious Life - Fran Raia, C.PP.S. 

A Mother's Love: Looking Through a Microscope - Jean Giesige, Companion 

On The Road To Emmanus: The Long Journey Home - Frances Flanagan, Companion 

Listening to the Heartbeat: Nurturing Life In The Blood of Christ - Deb Patyrak

Truth - Summer 2004 

From the Wine Cellar: Telling The Truth - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Truth For Reconciliation In Social Settings - Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. 

St. Gaspar del Bufalo: Ecclesiastical Outsider - John Colacino, C.PP.S. 

Liberation Through Truth: An Urgent Cry For Reconciliation - Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. 

The Artist's Way: Art As An Expression of Truth - James Sloan, C.PP.S. 

St. Gaspar: Taming And Claiming But Never Taming The Truth - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

In God We Trust - Fall 2004

From the Wine Cellar: Let Freedom Ring - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Faith and Flag: Exploring The Relationship Between Church and Culture - James Urbanic, C.PP.S. 

Can American Culture Be Redeemed By The Blood of Jesus? - Lucy Fuchs

Walking On The Precipice - Mary Anne Schiller, C.PP.S. 

Wounded But Ever Faithful - Daniel Torson, C.PP.S. 

The Charm of the Moment - Al O'Dell 

American Catholic - Ernest Ranly, C.PP.S. 

I Have A Question - Anita Fearday, ASC 

Freedom and Justice:

Examining The Tension Between Apocalyptic America and Gasparian Catholicism - Keith Branson, C.PP.S. 

My Gift of Peace - Madeleine Kisner, ASC

Spirituality - Summer 2005 

From the Wine Cellar: The Convergence of Devotion and Spirituality - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Devotions or Devotion: The Spirituality of the Blood of Christ in the CPPS Today - Jerome Stack, C.PP.S. 

The Spirituality of the Blood of Christ in Maria De Mattias and the Adorers - Angelita Myerscough, ASC. 

The Passage - George Lubeley, Amicus & Companion 

The Seven Offerings of the Precious Blood for A Church in Crisis - Terry Walter, C.PP.S. 

Blood of Belonging - Re-Claiming Identity As Beloved of God - Terry Maher, C.PP.S. 

Tracing our Blood Lines: Devotion and Spirituality As Expressions

of Sacramental Imagination - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S.


Humility - Winter  2005 

From the Wine Cellar: The Learning Center for Humility - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Humility As A Path To Peace - Angelo Anthony, C.PP.S. 

Humility: A Way of Love For The Life Of The World - Joann Fischer, C.PP.S. 

Prayer of Discipleship - Saint Gaspar Del Bufalo 

Commencement Prayer Based on the Writings of Saint Gaspar 

The Gospel Of Humility - Mike Volkmer, C.PP.S. 

The Path To Transformation: Humility And Identity - Marla Gipson, C.PP.S. 

Humility is Spelled C-O-U-R-A-G-E - Loretta Gegen, ASC 


Mission - Summer 2006

From the Wine Cellar: Mission: Taking Hold of the Hand of God - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Living Our Mission Via Community Organization - William Delaney, C.PP.S. 

The Hands of the Poor - Jacinta Langlois, ASC

Mission In Tanzania: Standing Shoulder to Shoulder - Timothy Coday, C.PP.S. 

On Being Possible: A Mission From God - Maria Trout, Companion 

Go Forth In My Name - Madeleine Kisner, ASC

Mission: Hearing God's Call In Your LIfe - Judy Kotecki-Martin, Companion 

Where Are Your Feet? - William Hubmann, C.PP.S. 

Telling The Story: Reflections From The Precious Blood Parish Mission Band - Ann Tucker, Companion

A New Covenant - Madeleine Kisner, ASC

Immigration - Winter 2006

From the Wine Cellar: Like A Good Neighbor - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

The Human Face Of Immigration - Mark Miller, C.PP.S. and Joe Uecker, C.PP.S. 

Conversion, Communion & Solidarity - Lucy Meissen, C.PP.S. 

Is There A Stranger Among Us? - Dien Truong, C.PP.S. 

Welcoming Christ Among Us - Al Ebach, C.PP.S. 

Continuing The Story - Mary Schoenecker, ASC 

Strangers No More - Eileen Schieber, C.PP.S. 

Words for It - Julia Cameron 

The New Creation - Summer 2009 

From the Wine Cellar - Behold The New Creation - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Becoming The New Creation - Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. 

From Chaos to a New Creation - Thomas Welk, C.PP.S. 

A Spirituality of Leadership for the New Creation - Therese Wetta, ASC 

Toward The Beautiful Order - Barbara Jean Franklin, ASC 

The Ever-Changing Story of Religious LIfe - Mary Whited, C.PP.S. 

Christ's Cosmic Call - Madeleine Kisner, ASC

A Litany of LIfe for A New Creation - Donna LIette, C.PP.S. 

The New Creation: Cultivating A Capacity for Memory and Imagination - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 

Spirituality and the Arts - Winter 2010

From the Wine Cellar - Kite Runners for the Realm - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Onward Ever- Backward Never - Madeleine Kisner, ASC 

Beyond the Walls: Artistic Expression and Reconciliation - Dave Kelly, C.PP.S. 

Reconciliation, Imaged and Imagined: The Power of Film - Antonio Sison, C.PP.S. 

Gaspar's Madonna - Jerome Stack, C.PP.S. 

Liturgical Art Reflects Contemplative Presence - Mary Cecile Gunelson, C.PP.S. 

The Arts and Precious Blood Spirituality - James Sloan, C.PP.S. 

Telling the Story: The Use of Image and Metaphors in Preaching - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Giving Form to Spiritual Concepts: A New Creation -  Eileen Tomlinson, C.PP.S. 

The Liberal Arts: Satisfying the Hunger for Freedom - Thomas Welk, C.PP.S. 

Ecology  - Summer 2010

From the Wine Cellar: Blood on the Beach - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

Our Sacred Relationship - Barb Smith, A.S.C. 

Reflections on "Land Ethic" - Marcy Alan Wurth, A.S.C. 

Blood Ties - Janis Yaekel, A.S.C. 

Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves - Timothy Guthridge, C.PP.S. 

Transforming Thought: Toward a New Way of Thinking - Rita Robl, A.S.C. 

Fruit of the Vine and the Work of Human Hands - Helen Ridder, A.S.C. 

Listen to the Fallen Seed: The Life & Legacy of Sister Dorothy Stang - Judi Clemens, S.ND. de N. 

Eco-Theology: Reverencing Pachamama, Mother EarthErnest Ranly, C.PP.S. 

The Cry of the Earth - Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. 

The Day I Almost Died - Gretchen Bailey, Companion 


Economic Justice  - Summer 2011 

Beyond the Bottom Line: Everyone Counts - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 


Daring Ourselves to Live Economically Just Lifestyles - Vicki Berkamp, A.S.C. 

Working for Justice in South Central Los Angeles - Bill Delaney, C.PP.S. 

Precious Blood Spirituality and the Regeneration of Religiosity - Barbara Agnew, C.PP.S. 

How the Culture Impacts Economic Justice - Carol Boschert, C.PP.S. 

Promoting Fair Trade - Marcia Kruse, A.S.C. 

Balancing Mission and Sustainability - Alphonse Spilly, C.PP.S.

Leadership - Winter 2011 

From the Wine Cellar: Don't Throw in the Towel, Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 


Leadership in the Church: An Education in the School of Hard Knocks, Joseph Charron, C.PP.S. 

Evolving Leadership: Creating an Environment for Shared Responsibility - Jan Renz, ASC 

Leadership as a Model of Charity - Angelo Anthony, C.PP.S. 

The Leadership of Jesus: Laying Down One's Life for One's Friends - Mary Whited, C.PP.S. 

Transformative Leadership: Andree Fries, C.PP.S. 

Follow the Leader - John Robert McCray 

Model of Discernment for the Election of Leadership - William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S. 


Renewing the Church  - Fall 2012

From the Wine Cellar - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 


Fifty Years Since Vatican II: We've Only Just Begun - Bill Heubsch

The Bible in Our Lives Today - Dianne Bergant, C.S.A. 

Liturgical Renewal: The First Work of the Council - Joyce Anne Zimmerman, C.PP.S. 

The Church as Sacrament: Revisited and Renewed - Daniel Torson, C.PP.S. 

Renewal and Adaptation of Religious Life: The C.PP.S. Experience - Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. 

Dedicated Wholeheartedly to the Gospel - Regina Siegfried, A.S.C. 

Hope for the Future - Geraldine M. (Gerry) Downs, D. Min. 

A Time of Great Heart - James Sloan, C.PP.S. 

Roots and Branches - Spring 2014 

In Search of Gaspar's Roots - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Albertini the Rock - Frances Flanagan

Gaspar the Developing Preacher, Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Tracing Our Blood Lines: Devotion and Spirituality as Expressions of Sacramental

Imagination - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S. 

Voices of Precious Blood Spirituality, 1998 - Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S 

A New Voice in the Dialogue, - Keith Branson, C.PP.S. 


Reconciliation - Fall 2014

From the Wine Cellar - Keith Branson, C.PP.S. 

Saint Gaspar, Peacemaker - Jerome Stack, C.PP.S. 

Reconciliation: Responding to a Suffering World - Ellen Orf, C.PP.S. 

Annulment Ministry as Reconciliation - Alan Hartway, C.PP.S. 

Reconciliation: A Ministry of Hospitality and Accompaniment - Dave Kelly, C.PP.S.

An Amicus and the Spirituality of Reconciliation - Dennis Keller 

An Effort to Understand Reconciliation - Martha Ann Lauber, A.S.C. 

The Upper Reconciliation Room: Restoring Relationship - Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S. 

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